Unfortunately, family matters can sometimes spill over into the courtroom. Let Puckett Law Firm guide you through the process while aggressively pursuing your interests. Put experience on your side in areas like:

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  • 3. Modifications
  • 4. Maintenance (Spousal Support )
  • 5. Legal Separation
  • 6. Child Custody
  • 7. Child Support
  • 8. Relocation
  • 9. Orders of Protection
  • 10. Adoptions
  • 11. Emancipations
  • 12. Mediation

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Puckett Law Firm has the experience you need and has been delivering client’s relief for years handling:

  • 1. Chapter 7
  • 2. Debtor-Creditor Law: (Collections, Consumer & Business).

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  • 3. Medical Malpractice
  • 4. Wrongful Death
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  • 6. Premise Liability Injuries

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  • 2. Trusts
  • 3. Estate Administration.
What is mediation?

Mediation is a problem-solving process, usually a series of non-binding conferences where people can confidentially discuss issues with the assistance of a trained Attorney to help them communicate and negotiate effectively. Many counties around Puckett Law Firm have been using mediation in court system for more than ten years to help families resolve disputes efficiently and save money.

Why is mediation good for families?

Parents like mediation to work out parenting issues because it's more informal than court. Parents get to do most of the talking and are in control about what they agree upon. Mediators realize that children are precious and that "splitting the baby" is rarely satisfying to parents. Mediators help parents evaluate their ideas, think of other options that may not have occurred to them. Parents who commit to a plan through mediation are twice as likely to comply with it and less likely to rely on the courts to resolve parenting disputes, which also can save a thousands, as a modification or motion for contempt is less likely to ever be filled by a parent.

Does mediation involve arguing?

The mediation process is respectful of persons and their ideas. Mediation respects a person’s right to disagree and still be able to discuss issues that are important to each person. The mediator works to reduce stress and hostility by keeping discussions business-like. Mediation is "hard on the issues and easy on the people." In other words, it helps people get to the "heart" of the issues without personal attacks. Mediators are trained to identify what is really at issue and put it on the table in a way both parents can discuss it.

How does mediation take place?

The most effective and time-efficient way of mediating is for people to meet face-to-face at Puckett Law Firm (the neutral location). Mediators may also talk privately with each person. This is called "caucusing." Some people caucus for most of the mediation with the mediator going back and forth between parents. This is more time consuming and people lose the benefit of hearing what the other person is saying. Caucus is also used for short individual meetings with each parent during mediation. Mediation is intended for the use of parents to talk to each other. Generally, mediation is most effective without bringing outside influence into the mediation and focusing on the parents/parties.

What does mediation cost?

The cost of mediation arranged with an Attorney mediation varies, but generally a mediation session at Puckett Law Firm takes a minimum of 2 hours, at $250 an hour.

What outcomes can I expect if I mediate?

According to surrounding counties, there is a 70 % chance you will reach an agreement on some or all issues through mediation. The likelihood of agreement is higher for people who mediate voluntarily. A parenting plan crafted by parents in mediation will be customized for you and your children. Parents only commit to a plan they believe they can live with. As a result, parents who agree on a plan are twice as likely to follow the plan. They tend to come back to court less frequently than parents who had decisions made by the court. Parent agreements are usually approved by the court. The stress and expense of a contested court hearing is avoided. The biggest beneficiaries of mediation, however, are your children. Mediation focuses on what is best for your children. When parents develop a coordinated parenting plan for children, they more easily adjust to life after divorce and have fewer of the problems that children of divorce may experience.